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Welcome to the Local Radio Stations website. You can listen live to your favourite local radio stations. The biggest advantage online radio broadcasts have over traditional radio broadcasts is the variety of stations on offer. Internet radio makes thousands of stations available to you, which can be streamed straight to your mobile device, laptop or computer, from any part of the globe. Streaming means that the radio broadcast is received live; podcasts and webcasts are downloadable data packets that may be saved and played at a later time, and can be paused, rewound, fast forwarded or skipped forward to a specific point.

The distinction between traditional and internet radio stations is starting to disappear. This is resulting in greater competition in internet radio, and coupled with the emergence of wireless internet radio devices and the proliferation of smart phone applications offering internet radio, has led to more and more people being encouraged to listen to radio online.

We're having a great response from those on the Islands and from people worldwide listening to our web streams. We've also been on TV! The video of the news report is below for you to have a look at.

Vatican confirms second Anonymous hack
The Vatican has confirmed a second attack against its website by the Anonymous hacking group, and an infiltration of its radio database.

As internet access becomes ubiquitous all over the world more traditional radio stations are transmitting their programming online, and so it might be that traditional shortwave radio will soon be going the way of long wave radio frequencies and analogue TV channels, much like print media is currently fighting for its life too. Online radio and TV is changing the way people consume their media; the internet is already causing a sea change in the way radio and TV is delivered to the masses. If you are interested in Local Radio Stations, feel free to contact us.

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Welcome to the Local Radio Stations website

Podcasts, webcasts and streaming media are some of the terms associated with the latest advancement in new media which internet radio represents. This new wave of broadcast media was enabled by advances in internet connection speeds and broadband availability, plus the advent of handheld devices capable of receiving internet. There are numerous traditional radio stations that broadcast via the internet too nowadays, however there are a vast number of radio stations that only broadcast via the internet. Why not get in touch with our Local Radio Stations team to learn more.